Becoming a rep

Interested in Making Cash?!

Starting today the SECsportsman Team is looking for ladies and gentlemen of any age, who love the outdoors and are interested in gaining real-world experience in sales and brand building while earning cash!

Here is how it works:

  1.   Once you have signed up in the form below, you will receive a newsletter through the email you have summitted containing  a coupon code for  10% off sitewide. This code will be used to promote our website and products to your friends and family. (Use this code to promote our products via word of mouth, social media, parties/ events, etc-  get creative!)
  2.   Every time your personal 10% off coupon code gets used by Friends and Family at, you will earn a 5% commission on the products the code was used on! (Checks will be sent to the address you submitted in the form below at the end of every month)  

Close the deal

If you are friendly, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and love showing off your awesome SECsportsman Apparel , then we want you to apply for a Rep position today! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly with more information.   


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